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Marketing Campaign Consultant with 10 years of experience implementing Digital Marketing Campaigns through multiple disciplines. Conceptualized and managed full marketing development programs ranging from $10,000 to $1.2 million in yearly marketing budgets using a team of 4-8 people.

Core competencies include Project Management, Campaign Creation, Content Storyboarding, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Project tracking, Team Management, Risk Management, Budgeting. I am currently an MBA student at WGU.


career experience, Campaign Consultant

August 2017 - Present

After years of successful SEM, Social Media, PR, and partnership marketing with Stamford Pools, I was afforded the opportunity to lead the project planning side at Lodown Digital. This was a more comprehensive role that combined the different skills I had learned in the past. It also taught me valuable new skills including Project Management, Business Development, and Team Communication.

  • I build marketing campaign structures for key accounts with a monthly budget of $10,000 and greater.

  • Currently help integrate automation tools that collect late stage data for optimization -CRM integration with lead intake and lead categorization

  • Asset and Channel consulting

  • Content Storyboarding and Creation

  • After creating these plans, I work directly with our team to execute these plans at a high level.

Stamford pools, marketing director

June 2014 - August 2017

  • Implemented strong PPC, PR, Email and community outreach campaigns. -Helped to grow revenue 34%-40% Year over Year.

  • PPC targeting optimized to receive leads and contacts in record numbers.

  • Generated leads at a $1,289 CPA

  • With an average ticket price of $90,000 this CPA is industry leading

  • Developed partnerships through events and promotions to help us reach a broader audience by using that of our partner

  • Stamford Pools helped create the knowledge of more creative marketing efforts such as event partnerships, video production as well as a more dynamic content distribution knowledge through D2C and B2B short form content plans.

225 Alive, PPC & Content specialist

August 2011 - June 2014

-I was able to drive enough traffic to sell well over $12,000/Month in advertising in our fifth month.

225Alive was my first shot at showing what I could do. I was taught by a great leader about the creation process. This knowledge helped me to grow at a high level and manage extremely creative campaigns through my almost 3 year journey with them. This was a start-up company so the freedom I had was enormous. Autonomy at such a young age bred great courage and responsibility that I take with me to this day.



Me and my wife enjoying a long hike through Yosemite National Park during our honeymoon.

Me and my wife enjoying a long hike through Yosemite National Park during our honeymoon.

Soaking in the California Weather.

Soaking in the California Weather.



Phone: 225-614-5825